The road market, not the mushrooms. Although someone definitely was selling portobello mushrooms 😂

Hi readers! I’ve been a bit quiet on the ‘gram this week as didn’t want to post anything until I’d written something. I’m trying to post better content, which will make me feel good and also hopefully add something to your day.

So about two weeks ago (god time flies), my housemates from university came down to London to stay with me. It was a weekend that was needed very much. It was almost as if family were visiting and we had a lot of laughs and hopefully decent food (as it was made by yours truly).

Other than reuniting and gallivanting around Covent Garden because Dishoom made a mistake with my brunch booking (y u do dis Dishoom), we decided we’d visit Portobello Road market, something my friend Anu and I had been meaning to do for months.

Given that we’re basic, wannabe hipsters we were enamoured by lanes lined with colourful houses. I wonder if people who live around the area are paid for being part of a major tourist attraction. What would it be like to live in a pink house that everyone photographs everyday?

From lanterns and vintage stores to Greek food and street musicians, there’s something for everyone at London’s oldest and most diverse market. Anu ended up arguing for a donut in Hindi – why the shop assistant tried to make us take the pistachio instead of the Nutella donut remains a mystery.

It was a very cold weekend, with flurries of snow and biting cold driving us into a coffee shop to take shelter. But overall, the melting pot vibe was evident on every street corner, and I definitely need to come back here to take even more artsy photos, probably on my film camera. Could I BE any more basic?

Anyway, thank you for reading my drivel. Here are some photos, a lot of which I ended up not posting on Instagram so ENJOY!


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