#FoodCrawlLDN: Soho


It’s been quite a while since I went on a food crawl with Yuen and Mallika. As we’re meeting up tomorrow, I thought I’d pay tribute to the first time we committed ourselves to being the Food Crawl Trio; during our impromptu dessert run around Chinatown, instead of supposedly going to see Lumiere London 2018.

We did, however, mean to go eat poké! I often describe poké to people as deconstructed sushi, but it actually originated in Hawaii, and was influenced by Japanese cuisine due to Hawaii’s proximity to Japan and due to the number of ethnically Japanese people that live in Hawaii.


As lovers of raw salmon and poké, the three of us had been trying to organise a time and place to devour a bowl each for months. Finally, Yuen, who is now officially our planning goddess, found Honi Poké in Soho. For about 8 pounds, they give you a pretty generous helping of salmon and toppings. We all ended up getting the salmon poké, and as usual I ended up finishing Mallika’s food for her.

Once we were supposedly full and fully intending to go see the Lumiere, we chanced upon Boba Jam, and thought “let’s get dessert. But not just one dessert, lots of dessert.”


And so, the food crawl was born.

Boba Jam’s mille-feulle crepe was delightful. I love crepes and I love cream, and the mille feulle crepe can only be described as absolute perfection.

We then headed to Chinatown, where we lined up outside Bubblewrap Waffle for half an hour to get their famous bubble waffles. It was decent, but I’ve had better loaded and traditional bubble waffles in Hong Kong. In London, Nosteagia is by far better than Bubblewrap.

Whilst maneuvring how to devour our waffle, a sea of dragons passed us.



Just kidding, it was the Lumiere Festival’s Chinatown exhibit.

We finished up our night of delicacies at Four Winters, with a very happy looking penguin, fresh ice cream made of dry ice and a molten cake pudding.

I’m super excited for more food adventures in London, which is why the three of us are heading to Ekachai tomorrow! Check out my Instagram story tomorrow at 8PM GMT!



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